8 Signs It's Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is your safe haven, your respite, your escape from the constant calls of “MOM,” right? If your bathroom feels more tired than tranquil and your “me-time” is anything but relaxing, it’s time for an upgrade. The team at House Finch Construction has a combined 50 years’ experience providing top-quality bathroom renovations in Portland, Oregon, and Clark County, Washington, and they’re ready to turn your worn-down washroom into a luxurious lavatory.

Need a sign, let’s make like Ace of Base and open up your eyes with 8 signs that it’s time for a bathroom renovation in Vancouver, Camas, or Battle Ground, WA.

Cracked tiles

Is your aging home showing signs of wear and tear through cracks in the tiles? Whether the damage was there when you purchased the home or you accidentally dropped something at the exact right (or wrong) angle and cracked the floor, House Finch Construction is ready to restore your floors to like-new status. Use the crack as the impetus for a full tile installation of your choosing, or enjoy tile repair that will leave you wondering which tile was damaged in the first place.

Leaky fixtures

Have you noticed a water bill that’s trending upwards each month? If your fixtures are leaking, you’re literally losing money down the drain. Take charge of your water bill with a bathroom remodel from House Finch Construction designed to conserve water usage.

The team specializes in:

  • Plumbing installation,
  • Toilet installation,
  • Bath installation, and
  • Shower, shower pan, and showerhead installation.

Trust your bathroom renovation in Clark County to House Finch Construction and watch your leaky bathroom transform into one you love.

You’re putting your house up for sale

Considering a bathroom remodel before listing your home? You’re not alone. A Zillow survey shows that 26% of homeowners make adjustments to the bathroom before selling their homes. And the investment yields dividends. According to Zillow, homeowners benefit from a $1.71 increase in home value for every dollar spent on minor cosmetic upgrades.  Bathroom remodels are especially important in Portland, where the cost recouped on bathroom remodels are 10% higher than the national average according to Remodeling’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report.

The layout doesn’t work for you

If you’re living in an older home, there’s a high chance your toilet and tub are almost touching. While proximity made sense for plumbing purposes, it’s just not practical now– especially if you’re sharing a bathroom. Who can relax in the tub while someone is using the toilet next to them? A bathroom remodel can shift the layout of your space to allow the privacy and functionality you need.


Storage space is limited or non-existent

Do you dread opening the vanity mirror, living in fear that everything you stuffed inside before slamming it shut will come tumbling out? We’re all been there. But there’s a better way. A bathroom remodel can give you more storage for linens, medication, and toiletries, so you’ll always have everything you need when you need it!


Lighting is less than ideal

If applying makeup or shaving is an exercise in muscle memory, it’s time to upgrade your lighting. Choose a new mirror or vanity with lighting that promotes a feeling of energetic enthusiasm as you prepare for each new day.

Humidity-induced odor

If your bathroom has developed a musty scent that no plug-in can mask, consider a solution rather than a cover-up. Bathroom exhaust fans are designed to suck moisture and odors up and out of your bathroom. If your fan isn’t as effective as it once was or is missing altogether, the team at House Finch Construction can help. With bathroom fan installation or repairs, you can stop mold issues before they start to keep your bathroom odor-free. Go ahead– take that extra-long shower. Your new or repaired bathroom fan can handle the humidity!



The average man will spend 855.8 days in the bathroom, while the average woman will spend 770.8 days in there. Make the most of your time by creating a space you enjoy. The craftsmen at House Finch Construction offer professional service, long-lasting materials, and superior workmanship on bathroom renovations in Portland, OR, and Vancouver, Ridgefield, and Woodland, WA.


Get in touch today to set up a free consultation and estimate. With budget-friendly options, House Finch Construction is Clark County’s best choice for bathroom renovations.

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